South Seas [2018-]

South Seas is an interactive retelling of a Pippi Longstocking story by Astrid Lindgren. Currently in development. I blog ideas and progress updates in a development journal most Sundays at

Dust Edition [2016-]

Dust Edition is an internet radio show. I play music (mostly computer music, but not always) and make a new episode now and then.

This website streams the archive episodes in between. is the one playing right now.

it's / a / hoot / to / mix / and / match [2018]

A mixture of things recorded between 2015 and 2018.

The Perfume-Eater from Sarvagandhasugandhā [2018]

Then, the Licchavi Vimalakīrti set himself in such a concentration and performed such a miraculous feat that those bodhisattvas and those great disciples were enabled to see the universe called Sarvagandhasugandhā, which is located in the direction of the zenith, beyond as many buddhafields as there are sands in forty-two Ganges rivers. There the tathāgata named Gandhottamakūta resides, lives, and is manifest. In that universe, the trees emit a fragrance that far surpasses all the fragrances, human and divine, of all the buddhafields of the ten directions.

Nightsound [2016]

Pulsar synthesis drone improvisation.

West Allis Auto Body Co. [2016]

A compilation of music recorded between 1998 and 2016 that never found a home anywhere else.

Momentum [2016]

These are a few short suites of songs drawn from live (solo) versions of songs I originally did with Safari Al and Dogwood Last. The title track is an acousmatic drone thing contructed from a few phrases spoken by Safari Al. There's a version of an old pop-ish remix I did of Pictures of Trees by Inlets in there too, why not.

Field Recordings [2016]

Unprocessed sonifications of data on my laptop using a classic technique system administrators use as a joke and a way to demonstrate the everything-is-a-file paradigm of *NIX platforms. Make your own by running the commands in the track titles.

A Sound Interview With Hey Exit [2016]

An interview with Hey Exit.

I've Got Nothing But Friendships Left To Save. I'm Feeling Unsafe As If The Road Below Could Go Sinkhole At Any Moment [2016]

The final EP in a trilogy of EPs. A collaboration with Milwaukee poet and filmmaker WC Tank. Also features a track based on guitar samples sourced from music by Andrew Weathers.

Blessed Indeed Are They Who Live Among Those Who Hate, Hating No One; Amidst Those Who Hate, Let Us Dwell Without Hatred [2016]

The second EP in a trilogy of EPs. A collaboration with vocalists Alexander Kollman and Derek Piotr.

Humanity Won't Be Happy Till The Last Bureaucrat Is Hung With The Guts Of The Last Capitalist [2015]

The first EP in a trilogy of EPs. A version of a song by Kory Burrell featuring vocals and ukelele by Kory Burrell and samples of a cassette tape loop by C. Reider.

Solos For Unattended Computer Volume Two [2015]

Second in a series of recordings of realtime algorithmic computer improvisations with no human intervention. Created on a long amtrak train ride.

A Sound Interview With Joe Westerlund [2015]

An interview with Joe Westerlund.

Solos For Unattended Computer Volume One [2014]

First in a series of recordings of realtime algorithmic computer improvisations with no human intervention.

Computer Music with Voices: He Can Jog Plays the Music of Eric & Magill [2011]

Versions of songs from Eric & Magill's "All Those I Know" featuring voices and guitars and other wonderful sound contributions from Sawako, Brendan Landis, Bryan Teoh and Cara Eggers. Also features sound processing and synthesis with a very early version of pippi called fabric.

Norwood, Wisconsin [2011]

Full length for Ian Hawgood's Nomadic Kids Republic label. Most of the album is a long thing called Gather / Burn / Echo which is a comprovisation on top of my favorite take from a lapsteel-based thing I was doing live often at the time. Featuring vocals and cello by my cousin Laurel Ogren. Also a song called "Pippi" (recorded shortly before I started working on pippi) based around recordings of a creeky upright piano that my roommates dragged from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway on one epic day.

Spark [2010]

This is a live recording from the 2010 SPARK festival in Minnesota -- originally a duet with visualist Mark Henrickson. Some footage from the festival is floating around somewhere. I was really into induction microphones at this point. This was also one of the last concerts I performed with Max/MSP before I started working on pippi. This recording features a really wonderful tape loop remix by Will Long. (Will did his remix in 2015.)

Songbook [2010]

Full length for Andy Menchel and Nick Sanborn's Listening Party label. Again sourced (except for the track with John McCaig) from recordings of the live set I was doing at that time,

Etudes [2009]

Full length for the Distance Recordings netlabel. All tracks sourced from various recordings of the live set I was doing around that time.

New Ground Has Not Broken, Soil Last Week And Dirt Today [2004]

My first full length album for Fresh Sound New Talent sublabel Fork Series curated by James "Nosordo" Pearse.