deep thoughts

Sat Mar 2: The spider friend in my bathroom waved at me.

Fri Mar 1: Somewhere I read that changing location, like entering a room, can rejigger neural pathways so that some thoughts and memories are somehow associated with the space. It's the same for me when picking up a laptop. My purpose feels clear until I open a blank web browser window and my mind goes blank, too. In all the moments where I'm drawing a total blank, and then suddenly the thoughts come easily again: maybe that's my brain looking for the room it was in before.

Wed Feb 28: Starting (again) to work on something very old, I discovered it modulates up by a halfstep twice. Up, up, done. Maybe I can work in some extremely slow contrary motion, too.

Wed Feb 28: I like it when I'm too distracted to want decide what to play, but there is a tape waiting to be flipped since yesterday.

Tue Feb 27: Once, or possibly never

Fri Feb 23: Experimenting with going out at night and doing nothing much is a tentative success so far.

Wed Feb 21: Today I have a feeling of déjà vu except it's a nightmare and it's happening in real life.

Mon Feb 19: The soundworld of the river in February is pretty different from August. There are so many sloshy water-type sounds right now. I suspect some of it is actually fishes vocalizing. So hard to tell!

Mon Feb 19: The last entry in my voice memos is a 436 minute mp3 recording documenting a period in the life of my pants pocket.

Sun Feb 18: Sad to see moc removed from the official arch linux repos, but also cool to learn the debian project has been quietly patching it and keeping it up to date in recent years. Long live the music on console player. (And debian!) :-)