I'm a sound fartist based in Minnesota.


Please see this page for contact information


What I’m up to now with finger: finger hecanjog@hecanjog.com

What I’m up to now with netcat: echo "hecanjog\r\n" | nc hecanjog.com 79

My twtxt feed: hecanjog.com/twtxt.txt

My lines account: dailybells

Other Projects

Pippi / libpippi

Pippi is an open source cython & C-backed computer music system with a python interface. I use it for my sound fartestry.

Aleatoric Forest

I’m slowly getting a web radio project off the ground with some friends. Aleatoric Forest is streaming several channels of … ?!?! … right now.


I started LuvSound in 2004 as a netlabel in the heyday of what we all kinda thought was going to be this post-capitalist moment of shifting the means of production into the hands of the common person… anyway now we have facebook and other bullshit, and distributing free music on the web is tainted by the poison of streaming platforms and everything-as-a-service-life…

The music is still the point though.

I have some plans for LuvSound, but it’s been essentially in maintenance mode for a number of years now.

Driftless Audio

This is a new home for collaborative software projects. We’re cooking up something fun one weekend at a time.


My dayjob involves helping to build idealistic fundraising software for the best radio station in the world.

Pledge to WFMU!