double densed uncounthest hour of allbleakest age with a bad of wind and a barrel of rain

double densed uncounthest hour of allbleakest age with a bad of wind and a barrel of rain is an in-progress piece for resonators and brass. I’m keeping a composition log here as I work on it.

There are sure to be many detours. Getting it in shape might involve:

Sunday July 7th

It’s July! I’m back from Texas. Somehow the littlefield.c instrument actually worked out. I had some head-scratcher moments trying to get the butterworth filters hastily ported from Soundpipe to work with the pulsar osc bank – oddly the same filters worked fine on mic input… – and the python script that was relaying MIDI input to LMDB params crashed during the first 10 minutes of our set…

Otherwise though, it was all very encouraging.

Before I dive into various cleanup projects I’m trying to get libpippi’s microsound library stable this month. Doing microsound stuff in python is still pretty slow and clunky, and doesn’t work very well with the new stream callbacks. It’s time to try to make the switch from the old cython graincloud to the new approach I’ve been tinkering on in libpippi.

Trouble is, I haven’t really finished figuring out how to approach the new engine. I’d been working on basically a stream-based rewrite of the old engine, but this weekend I started shuffling things around.

In the old engine, grains were coupled tightly to the orchestrator routines and were all wavetable-based. I’m experimenting now with grains having unit generator “sources” and a unit generator window function.

Better would be to have the source be a full ugen graph, but I’m starting with a single unit generator as the source. I don’t have many ugens in libpippi yet, but the ugen wrapper around the tape osc seems like a good place to start.

Things I’m thinking through:

The next opportunities to put astrid to work are coming up in August: some shows with A Name For Tomorrow, and a weird theatrical event my friend Paul is doing. In both cases I’d like to focus on timbre and microsound.

First up: get some basic graincloud fun happening with the new ugen-based grains. At least functional enough to replace the current (slow, but functional) cython grainclouds. If there’s time this month to make a first pass at bringing some of the waveset segmentation and processing routines over as well, that would be great.

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