Kale Apple Cherry Drink

Make in a blender or food processor. Makes something like 40 - 48 ounces of delicious drink.

Blend on high 3 minutes

Blend on medium 1 minute

Blend on high 4 minutes


July 5th 2021 I’ve been making this without matcha, hemp hearts or chia seeds for a while so I removed them from the recipe.

June 4th 2021 I only had half an avocodo on hand today, the mixture is lumpy. I’ll remember to save the whole thing next time. :)

June 1st 2021 I love the way the cherry & apricot flavors combine. I can’t taste the strawberries but I imagine they add something!

May 29th 2021 Tried fresh mango and strawberries

May 26th 2021 It’s much better without the peanut butter

May 24th 2021 An improvement! Next time back to 2 tablespoons of peanut butter though.