Real Time Pitch Tracking



I’m a long-time Yin user, but the algorithm seems to have some serious limitations for realtime use in an embedded enviroment:

Extended Complex Kalman Filter

2017 dafx paper

Das Orchisama, Chris Chafe and JOS to the rescue maybe?

Bell Labs Hardware Implementation

1976 IEEE paper: J Dubnowski, R Schafer, L Rabiner. Real-time digital hardware pitch detector

Is this something? They call this “high-quality” but that’s in 1976. Maybe it’s just a basic autocorrelation approach? (EG what Yin attempts to improve on…)

I’ll have to track down access, I’m curious…

MPM / Tartini

200? paper: Philip McLeod & Geoff Wyvill. A Smarter Way To Find Pitch

The primary author’s PhD thesis (1980) looks like a fantastic introduction to the literature (also discussions of wavelet analysis & LPC!)

Reading Notes

Comparison of Pitch Trackers for Real Time Guitar Effects

2010 dafx paper